New user here - my feedback even before using it live

Sep 23, 2013 at 5:55 PM

Been using Mox before and more recently Torparser.
I have been looking thru forums and found your parser and decided to take a look but with no intention of using it.
however after installing it and using it with just my log files i find it very very good. i am very keen on testing it live tonight.

I love your filtering in main window. This is help me a lot looking thru progression fights to quickly find damage etc etc.

Now if we could either upload group logs somewhere, or if there would be ability for your app to upload to Torparse site from client, that would be very very handy.

Within your app you could setup options for Torparse where we could input id, password, group id and group password then your up could upload each user logs at a press of a button. if this is not possible and Torparse new developer would not be happy for this to happen then maybe we could get an option to store group log on local PC (as a option to tick) so that we could then load this log file and view group stats without need to upload to Torparse.

Once again i am very impressed with how it works and how easy it is to get info from log files during ops (which i used to do next day in Torparse).

Keep up good work and i will try to get my group to use it today on our night run