UDPATE: The Parsec raid service will no longer be available as of Aug 6th. I have uploaded the Raid Service Source code in the downloads section so any of you more tech savvy users can host your own raid service.


Parsec is a combat log parser for the MMO game Star Wars The Old Republic.

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Click the Documentation tab to view quick instructions on install, setup, use and common problems

To install the app go to the Downloads Tab and use the Click Once Installation link.


  • Real Time Parsing - The parser will watch your current combat log and update statistics in real time
  • Archive Parsing - Load previous logs to review old fights
  • Human Readable Log - Parsec converts the messy SWTOR combat log file into a stream of color coded human readable text complete with real time filters and search/highlight functionality
  • Usable Metrics - The metrics displayed in Parsec were designed and determined by raiders, for raiders and contain helpful statistics for healers, tanks and DPSers
    • Color Coded Damage Taken Tab - Shows the damage taken broken down by attacker and ability with simple color coding to indicate the damage type of the attack. Includes mitigation rates, attack count, dps done by attacker, avg hit, amount abosrbed, total damage and percent of total
    • Color Coded Damage Dealt Tab - Breaks down your damage by attack, color coded with your damage type. Includes attack counts, avg hit, avg crit, crit %, total damage and percent of total
    • Threat Tab - Measures your threat generation against each enemy you encounter. Shows TPS, total threat and percent of total
    • Healing Received Tab - Breaks down your healing received by Healer and Ability. Includes total counts, HPS of each healer and average of each heal ability along with Total amount healed and percent of total
    • Healing Done Tab - Breaks down your healing done per ability showing heal counts, avg heal, avg crit, crit %, effective %, total heal and percent of total
    • Raid Tab - Provides a real time sortable report of all data from your current raid group for each player connected to the raid group. Including damage dealt, DPS, threat, TPS, damage in, healing done, HPS, EHPS and effective healing %.
  • Companion Metrics - When fighting with a companion parsec compiles and shows metrics for your companion
  • Pop Outs - Stat windows and scoreboards that can be placed over your game client with variable opacity and size including
    • Statistic Overview - The basics of the current fight including Damage in & out, DPS in & out, Heals in & out, HPS in & out, Effective HPS out, Effective %, Combat length and Threat
    • Stat Stopwatch - Start capturing combat statistics by toggling a button and monitor your stats across all fights while the stop watch is active. This is a great way to monitor your Stats in War Zones or trash pulls!
    • Raid Heal Scoreboard - Total Heal, HPS, EHPS, Effective %
    • Raid Dps Scoreboard - Total Damage, DPS
    • Raid Top 5 Threat - Total Threat
  • Raid Sync - Join with your group and share your statistics in real time
    • Set and Forget - Store multiple raid group credentials so you can raid with different groups that use parsec

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