Finding your Parsec log file

If you can open Parsec (if you cannot then skip to the section below)...
  1. Launch the Parsec application
  2. Click the ? icon in the upper right of the main Parsec window
  3. Click the App Folder button
  4. Your log file will be in this folder and is named: ParsecErrorLog.txt

If you cannot open Parsec...
  1. Open a windows explorer window
  2. Navigate to your user folder (in Windows 7 it is something like this: C:\Users\YourUserName)
  3. Ensure you have set hidden folders as visible:
    1. press Alt to bring up the menu if it is not visible in your Explorer window
    2. Tools > Folder Options
    3. On the View tab ensure that under Hidden files and folders the Show Hidden files, folders and drives option is selected
  4. Navigate to the Hidden folder under your user folder called AppData > Local > Apps
  5. Search for a file called ParsecErrorLog.txt
  6. You will usually want to select the ParsecErrorLog.txt file that is the most recently modified

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