PVP: Parse all fights?

Jan 22, 2015 at 4:05 PM

I am currently trying to figure out how my defensive stat repartition impacts my survivability as a Tank in PVP. So I loaded yesterday's log file in Parsec and viewed the fight outcomes.

What annoys me is that the parsers displays each fight separately, so it is hard to figure out the whole picture, because unlike in pve, pvp fights are very short and making stats over short sampling periods is impossible because the result will vary a lot from one fight to another.

What I want to know is for the whole evening what percentile of damages where mitigated by the defense and the shield. Currently I am planning to manually strip all "entering combat" and "leaving combat" lines from the log to make the tool believe that there was one single fight that took the whole evening.

But if there was a macro for this, it would be great. Also I have seen a few weird things in the tool, for example for some stun attacks that deals no damage, the tool says that those were shielded, but the absorption column is to 0. I will make another discussion about this if it becomes really problematic.